Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps

Photographs by S. Martin Shelton

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Cow Camp, Brown Wash
Cow Camp
Brown Wash

Dixie Valley, Dixie Valley Depression
Dixie Valley
Dixie Valley Depression
Minnimums Station, Big Smokey Valley
Minnimums Station
Big Smokey Valley
Grace Mill, Soda Spring Valley
Grace Mill
Soda Spring Valley

Belmont, Toquima Range
Toquima Range

Nevada Mine, Sheep Canyon, Shoshone Mountains
Nevada Mine
Sheep Canyon
Shosone Mountains

Tenabo, Crescent Valley, Shoshone Range
Crescent Valley
Shoshone Range
Combination Mill, Monitor Valley
Combination Mill
Monitor Valley

Chief Mine, Snake Ridge
Chief Mine
Snake Ridge
Chief Mine, Snake Ridge
Chief Mine
Snake Ridge

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